Best way to get GCMS Notes in India

If you ever applied for a Canadian visa from India? Your application, when processed by IRCC, gets through various steps. Before making any decision, IRCC officers are obligated to put remarks in their system. No matter if your file is currently being processed or already processed with a positive or negative decision. Or where you applied. You can access those Notes. We collaborated with partnered Canadian Immigration Law firm from Alberta, Canada, to help applicants from India to get their GCMS Notes while being outside of Canada and pay in INR. Using our services for ordering GCMS notes, you can access the information from IRCC/Canada while paying INR. The system used by IRCC and the Canadian government is called GCMS stands for “Global Case Management System.”

We surveyed the layout and focused on keeping the process as simplified and transparent as possible. You can find a lot of relevant information on our FAQ page.

If you do not have any additional questions, please feel free to approach us.

We hope that this article will help you understand how you can order GCMS Notes from India/outside Canada.

Details needed to make a request.

We developed an efficient system to collect information to process your order with an industry-leading degree of accuracy. We recommend it is best if you had your details handy to keep them as accurate as possible. Details needed are generally mentioned on the respective service page. Your UCI, Application DOB and Names are the most common and reasonably required for all orders. To further eliminate the occurrence of any error, please verify your information in the email you receive after successful payment. In case of error, please send us the info separately via email with a subject mentioning your Order ID and Correction type at [email protected].


While checking out, you will be offered to check out as a guest user or register yourself with This account will be helpful for someone who wants to order multiple times, for instance, an Express Entry applicant who will need to order again and again to keep a comprehensive track of your ongoing application with IRCC. Having an account will also help you track your multiple orders with GCMSPro for status with a single login. After registering on the online portal, you need to make sure that you remember your user ID and password. Your first password will be system-generated. 

Choose your service and make the payment.

After going through the information about our services, you need to choose the service you feel is appropriate for your needs from the virtuals store, add it to the cart and pay for the service/s. For monetary transactions at, applicants from India no need to worry about deactivated international transaction access concerning current RBI guidelines. Our clients can make payments using regular debit/credit cards, and traditional net banking, UPI, and even the most popular digital wallets are accepted. Additionally, our clients from outside of India can pay using Alipay, ApplePay GooglePay to make payments while having the standard ability to make payments through any international debit or credit card.

Filling, Signing and transmission of the consent form 

Once you complete the order transaction, you will auto receive an email with an order summary and a link to download the consent form. 

You have to fill in your information and sign it with a BLUE Ballpen. Once you verified your details, you can send us the correctly filled and signed consent form. We want to emphasize using a traditional scanner to scan the consent form and email it at [email protected].

Once we received the consent form, one of our team members will review it to add more efficiency and file a request for your GCMS notes/as you requested. If everything went well, you could expect your request to be processed within 30 working days once starting from the date it was marked submitted in the tracker. The estimated processing time of GCMS notes is 30 working days but may vary on the inflow of applications with your respective organization. Now you know how you can order GCMS notes from India. Contact us at [email protected] for more information about all the services.