Hey GCMSPro, What is GCMS?

GCMS stands for Global Case Management System, which is a comprehensive and integrated software system used by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for internal processing of applications for immigration and citizenship from applicants worldwide.

How the GCMSPro works?

We provide affordable barebone services. Once to finish the transaction you will receive a consent form link in the invoice or you can download it from here, you can hand fill the form with a blue ball pen and send us a scanned copy at [email protected]. once we received the order and correct form we do apply the documents as per your request with a targeted turnaround time of 2 business days.  We try to deliver the documents within 2 business days of receiving them from the concerned department.

Where I will get the GCMS Consent form at GCMSPro

You will find the GCMS Consent form here

If I request for GCMS Notes today, will I be getting the GCMS as of today?

No, GCMS Notes you ordered today will have Information till the time an officer pulls the record to send to us.

Sample GCMS Consent form.

You will find the filled sample of the GCMS Consent form here

Where to send the GCMS Consent form

You can reply to your order email or directly send us via email at [email protected]

How to know if my request has been submitted to the concern department?

We believe in transparency. and you will see on order status saying submitted. It usually takes 30-35 days after that request to get the notes.

Is it legal to order GCMS through GCMSPro

GCMSPro is a part of a fully licenced Canadian immigration firm. We have a team in India to work on ordering your GCMS notes for you. This is a legal, safe and secured way to gain access to your information and track your status of immigration or visa application.

Do GCMS notes impact ongoing processing of my file?

You can order your GCMS notes as many times as you want to apply, without any impact on your file processing. There have been instances where the file had no movement and after GCMS notes were requested, the file processed further.

What is GCMSPro's Privacy Policy

Please check our privacy policy at: Privacy Policy

What are the terms of use set by GCMSPro?

Please check our terms and conditions at Terms & Conditions

How I can connect with GCMSPro?

You can contact us via email at [email protected]. For order updates, you can check your account or Order tracking page.

How long delivery will take?

The average processing time for delivery of the GCMS Notes is 4-6 weeks. Other services may take up to 6- 10 weeks depending on your request.

the general delivery can take a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 90 days.

What will be means of delivery?

All the documents will be sent by email to your registered email. Microsoft teams and Zoom will be used to deliver consultations.

How I can track my order?

You can track your order by using the order ID you get at the time of purchase and the email ID used at checkout.

What to do if I get no response after completing payment.?

You can check your Inbox or spam folder for further process. I case you get nothing you can simply download the consent form from the link in the FAQ 

and send it back to us via email

What my order status means?

Failed: Your payment didn’t failed retry or reorder.

Processing: Your payment has been processed and we are checking the details submitted

Consent awaited: We are waiting for your consent to apply for the ATIP you requested

Consent Rejected: There is some issue with your consent, can not be used to request, resend.

Submitted: We successfully submitted your request to the responsible organization, now it is their job to process our request. Any time delay at this point at the IRCC/CBSA/CSIS end.

Furtherance Required: We recived a request to verify the client, you have to provide a new consent form and all the details to update the concerned officer so that your Notes/Documents can me released.

Delayed/Following up: Your request has passed our expected normal time and we will start our standard scheduled follow up with the responsible organzation, we will keep following until we get the requested documents

Completed: We received the requested documents from the organization and emailed them to the registered email ID.

How long I have to wait to get my Notes?

GCMSPro does not hold your GCMS Notes, we Just request the government on your behalf. So your request is subject to be processed by the organization responsible to release information. Once we get the requested documents/notes we will deliver them to you within one business day.

Average processing once we got your consent

30 to 35 Days 83.1%
36 to 40 Days 10.8%
More than 40 Days 6.1%